69 rue de la Tour
75016 Paris
Tel : 01 40 72 89 10

Welcome on A BEST HAIR's website.
The first european medical center specialized
in hair transplantion located in Paris.

A Best Hair is a medical center based in the "Trocadero" area in Paris. Hair micro grafting and ultra micro grafting surgeries have been practiced for years by surgeons specialized in hair transplantation. These surgeries are done under local anaesthesia and do not require any hospitalization. Nowadays, these techniques are painless, affordable, and guaranteed without failure or graft rejection. The prices have become affordable. Furthermore, improvements done in the fields of logistic and innovative surgical instruments allow us to perform sessions up to 4000 grafts or more than 6000 hairs per surgery.

Our patients receive the best care thanks to our long experience in the field of Hair Transplantation and the international reputation of our medical team.

You will find in this website pictures and details about the latest techniques of hair transplantation.

"We only do hair transplantation...and we do it well !

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