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After a hair transplantation surgery, you live a perfectly normal life. You have to eat normally. The discomfort felt on the back of the head and on the transplanted area is bearable or suppressed by analgesic tablets the surgeon gave you (2 days). In most of the cases, you can start again your professional activities the next day. The first shampoo (with your usual shampoo) at home the next day of the surgery has to be done softly. You can comb your hair normally. Very small scabs will appear on the graft site. They'll disappear within a few days.
When all crushing is gone, your scalp should appear entirely normal and identical to the one you had before surgery: "not more hair" but with much more roots hidden under the scalp.

Natural and permanent hair regrowth is starting from the 3rd month...

Permanent hair will start growing up from the 3rd month after the surgery. This growth will be natural and permanent without any special care or special product.

The new hair will grow at a rate 1 to 2 cm per month. Meanwhile you have to be patient before they reach the required length. The new hair is very strong and can undergo any usual capillary treatment such as cutting, brushing, dying, etc.

Do not forget: hair transplanting is a natural technique which does not require particular care once it is done... Everything is done on the day of the surgery!!

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