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In A Best Hair Center, the procedures cost is not rough but perfectly codified and simple to understand. The estimate depends on the hair transplant technique (micrografting or ultra micrografting) chosen as well as the exact amount of grafts planned to be transplanted during the procedure. Prices including clinic expenses, anesthesia, surgeon and assistants fees are as follow:

For micrografting technique (3 to 4 hairs grafts):

- 1830 euros for a 350 grafts session
- 3660 euros for a 700 grafts session

For ultra micrografting technique (follicular units of 1, 2 or 3 hairs):
A minimum of 500 grafts has to be transplanted.
- 2440 euros for a 500 ultra micrografts session. Then 244 euros per 100 additional grafts. Calculations :
- A 700 ultra micrografts session will cost : 2440 + (2x244) = 2928 euros
- A 1000 ultra micrografts session will cost: 2440 + (5x244) = 3660 euros
- A 2000 ultra micrografts session will cost: 2440 + (15x244) = 6100 Euros

According to the amount of transplanted grafts in one single session, we practice tapering charges. So:
- A 1000 ultra micrografts session will cost: 3.66 euros / graft
- A 2000 ultra micrografts session will cost: 3.05 euros / grafts
- A 4000 ultra micrografts session will cost: 2.74 euros / grafts

You can notice that the ultra micrografting technique cost is generally higher than the micrografting technique. This is very logical. A more important medical team is needed to proceed to an ultra micrografting technique.
Concerning the micrografting technique, the amount of grafts transplanted in one single session is generally limited to 700 grafts which is not the case for the ultra micrografting technique.

Furthermore, you should not compare the 700 micro grafts prices (3660 euros) with the 700 ultra micrografts prices (2928 euros). The first one seems to be cheaper because 700 micrografts will give you back more hair (2100 to 2800 hairs) than 700 ultra micrografts (700 to 2100 hairs).

You get a good deal!
That is why we insist on the choice of the technique to use and we always have in mind your aesthetic and financial interests.

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