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The consultation is a main and important step. It should not be neglected or avoided. In A Best Hair Center you will always be personally welcome by a Hair grafting specialized surgeon who will spend the necessary time to inform and advise you.
If necessary, the same surgeon will proceed to the hair transplantation. He will check the rate of your hair loss and the quality of the crown, its flexibility, its density and your hair texture... He will take care to listen to you and to ask you as many questions as necessary in order to set up the medical file. He will always remember your wishes (areas of concerns), your future hairstyle. The hair transplant doctor will honestly explain to you the details of the various treatments which can be performed keeping in mind your interests without trying to influence you.
He will not hesitate to dissuade you from choosing a treatment which could not be justified according to your young age or to your hair loss pattern. You must keep in mind that hair grafting is a redistribution of hair resources therefore this technique cannot be offered to people with terminal phase pattern baldness.

You can always attend a surgery in progress if you wish to see how we proceed

At the end of the consultation, you will be given a DETAILED ESTIMATE stating the hair grafting technique advised, the amount of grafts to be transplanted (not the amount of hair) and the total price of the procedure. You will receive a preoperative advises leaflet to follow as well as a blood exam prescription.

You will have to decide about the surgery.

You will choose in total freedom.

You will be the only person to choose the date of your surgery. There is no special time in the year to practice the surgery. The procedures are done everyday except on Sundays.

Take an appointment with A Best Hair Center for a customized consultation where you will be offered to see previous cases of hair transplantation. Contact us at this number: (+ 33) 1 40 72 89 10.

If you have some more questions, do not hesitate to take a look at the FAQ.

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