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In order to understand the hair transplantation principle, we need to understand first why do we lose hair and how does baldness take place.

The androgenic baldness (the most common baldness) has not revealed yet its cause, but we now know how it settles.

The normal life of hair can be analyzed in three steps:

  • Anagen stage also called the growing phase of hair cycles which lasts about 4 years
  • Catagen stage also called the resting phase of the hair cycles during which hair does not grow. It last about 10 days
  • Telogen stage also called the "grown hair excretion period" when a new hair kicks the old one. This is during this stage lasting about 4 months that hair falls or remains caught to the comb or the hair brush.

Such a hair loss is a completely normal and natural phenomenon. The fallen hair is replaced by new hair and this process is not even noticeable.
Unfortunately when this hair replacement is not done properly the baldness settles down gradually.

Fortunately this phenomenon affects only the pattern on the top of the skull. The crown area of the head having a high hair ratio is not affected since the hair will continue to grow all life long.

You have to remember that the hair of the crown area is different from the hair on the top. If one's has a baldness pattern on the top, it is not due to a "skin dysfunction". The reason simply lies in the ageing process of hair which falls faster.

Hair transplant has its origins in this essential concept. This technique is an operation, which takes hair from the back of the head and moves it to the area of hair loss. The transplantation of this hair to a bald area does not change its ability to grow.

Hair transplant is therefore a redistribution of hair resources of the crown.

This precious hair resource shall not be wasted and shall be considerate as a strategic reserve of the crown for the best exploitation. The actual techniques of micrografting and ultra micrografting are the only ways to cover more important baldness by optimization of the crown.

It is easily understandable that the hair transplant consisting in a redistribution of hair cannot give you the capillary density of a youngster but a new hair according to your age. You will have your own hair alive and still growing throughout your life.

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