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Remember that both techniques can be combined during the same session. The technique's choice depends on the baldness pattern and also on many personal criteria which can be only precisely defined on the day of your consultation at A Best Hair Center.

In order to familiarize you with the procedure costs, we have reproduced the tables below which show the different baldness progressive stages. The Androgenic baldness (concerning men) table is inspired by Dr Norwood's classification and is the most used worldwide. Regarding the female baldness which is a rare phenomenon the table is inspired by Ludwig's classification.
You can click on the case which concerns your baldness pattern in order to open the information window. This new windows contains precision about the baldness degree, the kind of hair transplantation technique, the amount of grafts to insert as well as the costs to correct your type of baldness.


Click on the case that concerns you :


Woman Androgenic baldness is rarer and generally less severe than man androgenic baldness.
It can follow child delivery, surgery done with general anaesthesia or, more often, it appears during menopause. In most of the cases, the typical pattern of female hair loss is progressive diffuse thinning on the top of the scalp without affecting the hair line. As well as for man, hair transplantation procedure can be provided only if the crown capillary density is sufficient.

Click on the case that concerns you :

You have to remember

Whatever may be the progressive stage of your baldness, the choice of the treatment is influenced by one's own variations and constitution. That is why the consultation at A Best Hair Center is critical because you will always be examined with a lot of care by the hair transplant doctor. If your case allows it, we will try our best to treat you in one and only one single session. That is why we are offering long sessions up to 4000 grafts! This incredible amount of grafts can be surprising indeed. Very few hair transplant clinics have the necessary knowledge to perform such sessions!
You should keep in mind that such session of 3000 to 4000 grafts are daily performed by the most important hair transplant centers in the USA, but their prices are much higher than ours.
A Best Hair Center has an ultra specialized medical team trained in the USA and mastering well this know-how.
If the price seems high for you, compare what is comparable !
The surgery cost depends on the precise amount of transplanted grafts and not on "the approximate amount of hairs".

In A Best Hair Center, we check after each procedure the exact amount of grafts which has been harvested and most of the time, this amount is far higher than the one planned previously without adding extra charges and this to our client great satisfaction!

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